Dear Friends & Supporters,

There was excitement in the air at our state’s capitol yesterday, with the swearing in of the 85th Legislature. This session is shaping up to be an important time for private property rights, specifically the protection of those landowners in TCR’s path. We met with many of our friends today both in the House and Senate, securing renewed commitments to oppose TCR and its Japanese backed-HSR project. We are proud of the dedicated legislators committed to our cause and standing up for all Texans.

Meeting with our friends at the Capitol. @TrentashbyTx #TexasLege @Texas_Lege #austin #texas #texascapitol #HSR #BlowTheWhistleOnHSR #HighSpeedRail

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Of note was the presence of TCR at the Capitol today. We saw some of their operatives roaming the corridors, undoubtedly working to thwart our efforts and maybe much more…

In light of the importance and urgency of this session, TAHSR needs your support now more than ever. Your financial contributions will be used to raise awareness and to provide you a loud voice in our most hallowed halls, the State Capitol.  Our legislative friends need our support as well; they need the tools necessary to pull together coalitions, research pending legislation, and keep the issue in the forefront of ALL legislators not just those representing the areas along the proposed corridor. Your donations to TAHSR will provide this support and make a difference on this important issue.

As a reminder, there will be times that your presence at the Capitol will be paramount to support legislation, through committee hearings and legislative days. Please monitor your choice of media for dates and times, understanding notice may be short.

You can find recent news and information about the project and our work on our social media channels and our website,

Thank you for your support thus far and allowing us to serve you. Now is the time…

Kyle Workman – President


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