On June 20, we told Texas Central’s attorneys we were ready to have a hearing to let a court decide whether Texas Central is a railroad with eminent domain authority. Instead of taking us up on our offer, Texas Central filed new lawsuits and sent out hundreds of letters threatening even more lawsuits.

We’ve had enough. Today, Jim Miles filed a request for a hearing in Leon County on Texas Central’s request for an injunction. This was the first case on file, and it is also the case where Texas Central’s representative gave extremely evasive and damaging testimony. Even though this case should be the first to have a hearing, it’s no surprise that Texas Central is trying to stall.

The hearing is set for Thursday, August 4th at 10:00 a.m. Let’s see if Texas Central agrees to a fair fight, or tries to get out of it so they can continue their charade of “being a railroad.”

Here is the letter we sent to Texas Central’s attorneys:


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