Amid strong objections from TCR attorneys and evasive answers from their corporate representative, Texas Central admits under oath they are not a railroad, nor has their railroad “taken physical form”. In other words, Texas Central owns no HSR cars, or tracks, nor do they have the financial resources or contracts to purchase any at this time. In spite of all of this (and much more), many of you received letters from Texas Central’s consultants demanding access and threatening legal action. It is clear that Texas Central is making a last ditch effort to bully landowners, knowing it is only a matter of time before a Court determines they are not a railroad with eminent domain power, but just dreamers with an antiquated Japanese high speed rail idea. Now is not the time to roll over and let them on your property. If you received a letter and have questions, contact us and we can help!

Here is the long awaited deposition of Shaun McCabe of Texas Central. We encourage you to pay attention to the non-answers and attorney objections on simple, straightforward questions regarding eminent domain and whether Texas Central is a railroad. Shouldn’t they have to answer these questions before they barge onto your private property? We believe so and many of you do as well.

Texans Against High Speed Rail is poised to defeat this HSR project proposed by Texas Central, but we need your financial support. Please take time, join TAHSR and contribute to our efforts … we need your help as well!


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