Ironically, TCR has made it very clear they intend to use state funds for the project they have been touting as “entirely privately funded.” Despite their extensive team of lobbyists who have been working behind the scenes, they are now asking Texans to contact their legislators to OPPOSE Rider 48, which would prohibit use of state funds for subsidizing or assisting with construction but allow coordination and oversight of HSR projects. Rider 48 is simply a taxpayer protection. If TCR can’t afford to pay for their project, we shouldn’t have to.

If not having access to state funds makes their project cost prohibitive, their main selling point of “entirely privately funded” is just as misleading as their information on routes and station locations. Check out what the Federal Railroad Administration had to say about this “premature” information in this article on Community Impact Newspaper.

One last thing … Dallas Mayor Rawlings and TCR have been promoting this rider as “trickery.” Riders are provisions within the budget that specify how state funds can and cannot be used. No trickery…it’s part of the process.

If you haven’t already, please TAKE ACTION NOW by visiting our that tab on website where you can email the budget committee members directly to voice your support for Rider 48.


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