As promised, Texans Against High-Speed Rail filed its reply to Texas Central’s petition for “clarification” on Thursday, May 19th before the Surface Transportation Board. We want to thank Blake Beckham and Patrick McShan with The Beckham Group, and our Washington DC attorney Richard Streeter, who have spent countless hours preparing this comprehensive filing.

We included with our filing a verified statement from one of Texas’ most highly regarded eminent domain attorneys, confirming that Texas Central is making an “unprecedented and unconstitutional effort to rob landowners of the value of their property.” He goes on to say, “Never before have I seen the audacity of this type of premature condemnation proceeding, and this Board should be offended by the effort.”

Our reply also includes over 1,500 verified statements from YOU. We are proud to have strong, active members who want their voices heard. We appreciate your support and your donations, and have asked the Board to give your statements the full consideration they deserve.

Finally, through our coordinated efforts with the County Judges in Ellis, Freestone, Grimes, Leon, Limestone, Madison, Navarro, and Waller County, ALL COUNTIES filed strong replies in opposition to Texas Central’s petition. We appreciate the time and effort of these County Judges and their willingness to stand up for their constituents.

We will continue to fight Texas Central at every turn. Feel free to download/print the document for a closer look using the button below (the document is 3,115 pages).

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If you would like to continue the fight against eminent domain abide, taxpayer subsidies and crony capitalism, please make sure you donate to TAHSR using the button below. Please remember TAHSR volunteer leadership is entirely unpaid so your dollars go directly to where it makes the most impact in this fight. Thank you for your support!


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