Want to easily reach thousands of Texans who are likely your target market? We have opportunities through Facebook, our website, and eNewsletters that can help grow the visibility of your business.  We’ve developed several advertising packages designed for small businesses to large corporations. Supporting Texans Against High-Speed Rail will show your customers that you support your community’s effort to stop the high-speed train. Email our Business Development Team at to receive our Media Kit with ad options and rates.

Hurry! Space is limited!!

Our nonprofit grassroots efforts depend on your support!

As individual Texans, many feel they do not have the means or reach to coordinate a state-wide grassroots effort, engage lobbyists or attorneys, or push back against a $10 billion project, but by being a part of a unified group, Texans Against High-Speed Rail, we can help stop high-speed rail in Texas. The volunteer staff of Texans Against High-Speed Rail are all impacted by this current high-speed rail project, so you can be assured that we have only altruistic motivation to help preserve our property AND yours, as well as protect all Texans from the effects of inevitable tax subsidies.

We’ve become the go-to source for high-speed rail opposition. Anytime there is an article concerning high-speed rail, we are contacted for an interview or quote. We have gone from 0 to 60 in just a few short months due, in large part, to our social media and internet presence. Who is looking to us as a resource?

  • Media (local, state, national, and international)
  • Elected officials
  • Impacted landowners between Dallas & Houston
  • General public
  • Citizens of other states also opposing high-speed rail in their communities

Our supporters include residents, private property owners, business owners and elected officials from all across Texas who share our core belief of combating eminent domain for private use and our opposition to any tax-subsidized passenger railway.

Opposition phone calls, letters and emails are an important element in opposing the currently proposed high-speed rail project, but we also need financial support to operate a coordinated, statewide opposition plan. Please consider advertising through Texans Against High-Speed Rail today to help the fight.

We are stronger and louder together and can do more to make sure our way of life is protected.


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