Texans Against High-Speed Rail recently learned through an open records request to TxDOT that Texas Central Railway has applied, or will apply, to waive all or part of the currently applicable passenger rail safety standards.

Today, Texans Against High-Speed Rail sent a letter to the acting director of the Federal Railroad Administration, and copied the top officials of the NTSB, TSA, TxDOT and Texas DPS, regarding the critical safety concerns raised by yesterday’s tragedy aboard the Shinkansen HSR in Japan. Priority being placed on convenience rather than safety is unacceptable. Promoting an HSR system as a “traditional railroad” so it can be afforded the power of eminent domain, while attempting to waive safety regulations of traditional passenger rail because the two are somehow different is not only unacceptable, it is deplorable.

If you’d like to see an enlarged pdf version, just click this link:


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