Let’s circle back to a post from about a month ago. We showed you a letter we sent to Texas Central’s Washington DC attorneys asking them for a copy of a report titled “Texas Central’s High Speed Rail Corridor and Related Private Development Houston to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.” According to Texas Central’s petition before the Surface Transportation Board, this report supports its claims that the project will create thousands of jobs and generate billions in economic benefits. Like we said before, if Texas Central is using this report in an attempt to get exemptions from federal railroad regulations, shouldn’t they have to disclose it to the public?

This probably won’t surprise you, but Texas Central refused our request. Their attorney wrote back and said if they disclose the report to the public, it “would be highly prejudicial to Texas Central.”

Just to be clear, on one hand Texas Central is telling the federal government that the report shows that the project will greatly benefit the public through THOUSANDS of new jobs and BILLIONS in economic benefits. On the other hand, their attorney says that if the public sees the report, it would be “highly prejudicial” to Texas Central. So which is it?

Why won’t Texas Central just release this report? And how much do you think they paid their consultant to “create” it?

Here is the letter from Texas Central’s attorney:


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