Heart of Texas Council of Governments Passes Resolution Opposing Dallas Houston HSR

Jewett, Texas – Joining the Brazos Valley Council of Governments, the Heart of Texas Council of Governments (HOTCOG) has also passed a resolution opposing the Dallas Houston High-Speed Rail. Counties making up the membership of HOTCOG are Bosque, Falls, Freestone, Hill, Limestone and McLennan Counties. Despite having only a very small section of the currently proposed route clip the corner of just one of the member counties, the HOTCOG overwhelmingly voted to oppose this project, highlighting that concern about this HSR project is spreading outside of areas impacted by the proposed route.

The resolution details the negative impact the proposed HSR would have on the counties between Dallas and Houston, but also the wider threats of taxpayer subsidies and precedent setting use of eminent domain that would affect all Texans.

Also emphasized in the resolution are the questionable cost and ridership estimates shared by Texas Central, the company backing the HSR project. The council even called on the state and federal governments to halt support for the project until it could be determined that only existing rights-of-way would be used for the project and no public subsidies would be made available to the private company.

Kyle Workman, president of Texans Against High-Speed Rail, said, “If losing the support of one of their key markets in the Brazos Valley wasn’t enough, the mere passage of the Heart of Texas COG’s resolution should have Texas Central’s investors very nervous. This has been a statewide issue from the very start, but now we see official opposition to the project growing throughout the state in spite of the rail’s proposed route location. This isn’t just an issue of taking specific properties for their proposed HSR, but one of property rights and taxpayer subsidies that impact the entirety of our State.”


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