Robertson County Opposed to Dallas Houston HSR

Jewett, Texas – The Robertson County Commissioners Court has recently passed a resolution opposing the Dallas Houston High-Speed Rail proposed by Texas Central Partners, sending a strong message of growing opposition from those outside the currently proposed routes. At the February 11 Commissioners Court, County Judge Charles L. Ellison and Commissioners Keith Petitt, Donald Threadgill, Keith Nickelson and Robert Bielamowicz voted unanimously to oppose the project based on the negative impact it would have on the county, primarily through the unknown financial viability of the project that could lead to taxpayer subsidies and the new precedent setting use of eminent domain for a private project that does not meet the historically justified threshold of public benefit.

Judge Ben Leman, Grimes County Judge and TAHSR Chairman, made a presentation to the Robertson County Commissioners Court to share information about the project and potential impacts to their county. Through their ongoing investigation to gain further information about the HSR project, the Robertson County Commissioners Court found, and even mentioned in their resolution, that Texas Central had not provided sufficient information about the project to alleviate or limit their concerns.

Following the passage of the resolution, Judge Leman said, “This resolution is evidence that counties not in the current proposed routes of the Dallas Houston HSR are clearly understanding the potential for negative impact to their county and citizens. This project isn’t good for urban or rural property owners, urban or rural taxpayers or the State of Texas. The leadership of Robertson County should be commended for taking a proactive stance in opposing this project on behalf of their citizens.”

Robertson County joins others outside the currently proposed paths of the Dallas Houston HSR, including Montgomery County, Walker County, and the Texas A&M student body.

Please visit www.TexansAgainstHSR.com for more information about Texans Against High-Speed Rail, Inc. and TAHSR Land Defense Fund.


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