Texas State Legislators Urge Texas Congressional Delegation to
Oppose High-Speed Rail Project

Jewett, Texas – Lawmakers in Austin who represent thousands of Texans along the proposed Dallas Houston high-speed rail project being promoted by Texas Central Railway (TCR) have officially requested opposition to the project from the Texas delegation in Washington, DC. With an application to the federal level Surface Transportation Board (STB) likely, all five state senators and nine state house members who represent the areas between Dallas and Houston called on the federal delegation representing those areas to preemptively oppose any application for public convenience and necessity by the high-speed rail company at the STB.

Texas State Senators Brian Birdwell, Brandon Creighton, Lois Kolkhorst, Robert Nichols and Charles Schwertner, as well as State Representatives Trent Ashby, Cecil Bell, Jr., Byron Cook, Kyle Kacal, Mark Keough, Will Metcalf, John Raney, Leighton Schubert and John Wray, signed the April 10 letter siting TCR’s intent to use eminent domain to acquire land, loss of property value, project viability concerns and widespread opposition as their reasons for opposing the proposed bullet train.

“For the rural counties impacted by the proposed routes, this project would only serve as a detriment. Although rural counties may benefit from a few jobs during the construction phase, the long-term costs far outweigh any temporary benefit. This project holds real consequences for rural constituents, their property and their livelihoods. Private property interests will be taken by eminent domain. Farm and ranchland, often held by families for generations, will be divided, creating a loss in access and a loss in revenue for those who rely on farming and ranching to make a living. The value of nearby land will decrease due to sight, noise and restricted use of property caused by the high-speed rail.”

The letter went on to state, “We appreciate any assistance you can provide in opposing any TCR application at the STB…As duly-elected officials representing our constituents at the federal level, each of you has a unique opportunity to have an impact on this project before it is unilaterally advanced by the appointees who comprise the STB.”

Texans Against High-Speed Rail President Kyle Workman was appreciative of the show of support by state legislators and encouraged by the possibility of federal level opposition. “Texans Against High-Speed Rail was created to unify the thousands of Texans who will be negatively impacted by this high-speed rail project. Our state legislators have taken a stand with us to protect our private property rights and protect our state from the inevitable collapse of this project,” Workman said. “We are overwhelmed by the support of our state legislators and are hopeful that Senators Cornyn and Cruz and Congressmen Barton, Flores, Brady and McCaul will represent our best interest in Washington by opposing an application by TCR to the Surface Transportation Board.”

Please visit www.TexansAgainstHSR.com for more information about Texans Against High-Speed Rail, Inc.


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