PRESS RELEASE March 16, 2017

HSR BUDGET RIDER IS RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT PROTECTING TAXPAYERS Jewett, Texas – Texans Against High-Speed Rail thanks Senator Schwertner, Representative Ashby and their budget committee members who took the responsible action of placing a rider in the state budget...

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PRESS RELEASE February 7, 2017

TEXAS CENTRAL ABANDONS LAWSUITS WHILE LANDOWNERS RENEW OPPOSITION TO HSR PROJECT Jewett, Texas – In keeping with their corporate behavior of deflecting and redirecting, Texas Central has released a statement today via their public relations firm regarding “key...

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Texas Legislators Cry Foul On Conservative Support For HSR

Texas Central recently cited a Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute white paper as "conservative support" for their HSR project. This response from leading conservatives in the Texas Legislature makes is very clear where real conservatives stand on this...

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PRESS RELEASE January 3, 2017

TEXAS CENTRAL SERVES INJUNCTION LAWSUIT IN KENDALL COUNTY, 250 MILES FROM HARRIS COUNTY WHERE THE PROPERTY IS LOCATED Jewett, Texas – Following Judge Halbach’s denial of Texas Central’s motion for summary judgment “in its entirety” in the injunction lawsuit against...

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PRESS RELEASE December 20, 2016

TEXAS CENTRAL IS NOT A RAILROAD, NO EMINENT DOMAIN MAJOR HSR OPPOSITION VICTORY Texas Central Railroad & Infrastructure’s motion to be declared a railroad with eminent domain authority denied by Harris County judge. Jewett, Texas – Last Friday, landowner Calvin House...

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PRESS RELEASE September 27, 2016

HIGH-SPEED RAIL COMPANY WITHDRAWS REQUEST FOR SURVEY ACCESS Texans Against High-Speed Rail Calls for Texas Central to Drop Remaining Lawsuits Jewett, Texas – On Friday, Texas landowners achieved a landmark victory in Houston, where Texas Central withdrew its request...

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Beware Harris County residents

Texas Central is attempting to serve even more lawsuits on landowners. Last night, Texas Central sent a process server to an 86-year- old woman’s home at 9:30 pm. The Process Server was banging on her door telling her she had to open up and accept the lawsuit. The...

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