READ THIS, THEN MAKE PLANS TO BE IN AUSTIN ON THURSDAY, APRIL 23rd!! (Details will be shared again later today!)
Todd and Tiffany Cauley
“Come and Take it!”
Montgomery County residents
Donors and supporters of Texans Against High-Speed Rail

11054826_851589598248787_8327874117409709010_nThe Cauleys have invested both their dollars and time in Texans Against High-Speed Rail to help stop the high-speed train. We were excited they joined us last week in Austin and wanted to share their take on the experience. No need for political experience to have your voice heard in the Capitol!

Tiffany said:

Not having any political background or experience, we were nervous about traveling to Austin to support HB 3915. After summoning up our courage, we walked in to several senator’s and representative’s offices with our Texans Against High-Speed Rail business cards in hand. We were very surprised at the reactions. Everyone listened to what we had to say and were very nice. Todd and I were both so encouraged by the end of the day. We felt like just our little bit of help let TCR know we were there and are very serious about saving our farms and ranches from this disastrous high-speed rail. In addition to writing letters and going to Austin, it is vital for everyone to give financial support so we are able to continue our fight.

Todd said:

Recently, I drove to Austin to visit the Texas State Capitol to show support for House Bill 3915 that was discussed to award damages to landowners that lose access to their property because of high speed rail. Basically, it compensates ranchers, farmers, and homeowners from having a high speed rail track that devastates their property and makes the company or entity responsible, liable for damages up to 50% of the total value of the entire property value.

My family has been fighting this proposed ­Japanese funded bullet train for about six months, and I have to say that I have learned a lot about politics. It is crucial that the citizens of our State/Country take a stand – physically, just not verbally – to show our legislators what we believe in. We need to show them that this is not the most practical/sensible effort to help our “transportation problems.”

This is a major issue for our great State of Texas and few people know about it, but it is a very real detriment to our State and our private properties. We all need to come together and fight this Japanese backed train. That means showing support at hearings and giving money to our cause. Let’s all get together to stop this bullet train from happening ANYWHERE in Texas.


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