Texas Department of Transportation Involvement In High-Speed Rail

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TxDOT Commission for High Speed Rail Dallas/Fort Worth

  • TxDOT Texas Transportation Commission Meeting video from January 30, 2014
  • TxDOT Texas Transportation Commission Meeting video from March 27, 2014
    • Appointing Members to Commission for HSR.
      • VIDEO
      • Vandergriff Comments from March 27, 2014 Meeting
        • If TCR’s HSR occurs, “I think it is a game changing catalyst that can take place in Texas. And critical to that cause is to connect the traffic between the great city of Fort Worth and Dallas…..but in addition to that I think it provides a potential leverage and fulcrum to help not only that corridor, but a corridor all the way stretching from what ultimately could be another connection running from Oklahoma down to Laredo and into Mexico. So the private sector is working to really make a game-changing catalyst, and it is necessary and altogether fitting that we establish a blue-ribbon commission….”
        • In reference to members of the committee “…these are aggressive can-do people, and they will be working, not to pick our pocket, per se, but it is to enhance our ability to help them to accomplish this goal for the North Texas region, for all of Texas and we’ll certainly be working closely with the federal government as well. I am excited, honored, and charged by the opportunity to aggressively support this commission.”
      • Bill Meadows Comments from video
        • “I think we all recognize this is a real opportunity for Texas as we look into the future. Certainly this is a possibility not a probability……and certainly Commission Vandergriff has been actively involved in advancing this notion. And then working with the TxDOT staff that’s focused on this. I’ve had the opportunity to talk with Mark, Erik, and Russell about the issue and Andrea Loffie(sp??) TxDOT really has the brain trust to be brought to bear on really examining this opportunity, exploring it, working with the regional transportation councils staff, I really do think that and this group of individuals that are going to volunteers their time and come together to explore this opportunity. I think we are going to produce some good work and that work product ultimately comes back to this commission….”.
        • “It is not just a regional, but this is really viewed as a statewide opportunity”
    • TxDOT Texas Transportation Commission Meeting video from August 27, 2014
      • Update Dallas/Fort Worth Commission for HSR
  •  Commission for HSR Meeting Agendas, Summaries and Presentations

TxDOT Speaking at Texas Rail Advocates Conference

  • Keep Texas Moving by Erik Steavens (video)
  • High Speed Rail.. Robert Eckels (video)

TxDOT Receives Monetary Donation from TCR to fund “fact-finding” trip to Japan

TxDOT High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail Documents June 2014

  • Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has now applied for and received funds for both a Houston to Austin and Fort Worth to Austin HSR lines. The funding will be used to conduct an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Preliminary Engineering (P E).

TxDOT Statewide Ridership Analysis 2013

TxDOT Comprehensive Development Agreements

TxDOT Tranportation Plan 2040

TxDOT Legislative Appropriations Request Fiscal Years 2016-2017

  • p. 231 “for high speed rail projects and studies”
  • P. 585-586 Commission for High Speed Rail

TxDOT 2015-2019 Strategic Plan

  • Philosophy of State Government (p.7)
  • TxDOT Passenger Rail Studies (p.20-22)

TxDOT Loan from Lone Star Rail District for high-speed passenger rail study

  • From the meeting summary page 3-“On September 2 {2014} staff met with TXDOT’S John Barton and Russell Zapalac to discuss…….and recovering the Rail District’s loan to TXDOT for the 20% match for the Oklahoma-South Texas high-speed passenger rail study.”

TxDOT Rail Plan Executive Summary

TxDOT High Speed Rail Links


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