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Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA)

TCR Policy Statement (04/09/15) – TSCRA TCR Policy Statement

Texas Central Railway

WHEREAS, Texas Central Railway (TCR) is a proposed project to build a high-speed passenger rail line between the cities of Dallas and Houston; and

WHEREAS, the TCR is expected to require over 3,000 acres of right-of-way for the rail line and related infrastructure that will impact the private property of landowners in 11 counties; and

WHEREAS, while it is unclear whether or not TCR has the power of eminent domain, TCR plans to attempt to use this power to gain the land necessary to construct the project; and

WHEREAS, while this project is largely funded by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation and other privately funded investors and does not propose to use any federal or state funds, the long-term financial security and stability of the project remains uncertain and could eventually impact Texas taxpayers; and

WHEREAS, while the State of Texas is considering various transportation options to address a potential mobility crisis, TCR will not substantially help meet these needs, as it would only transport passengers from Dallas to Houston with no stops and still require additional transportation to and from rail stations; and

WHEREAS, rural communities and landowners will have no access to the line and receive no benefits of having the TCR in their area, property values in proximity to the rail line will be negatively impacted, and TCR will adversely affect the ability of ranchers to graze and move cattle, transport equipment, and effectively and efficiently use their property; and

WHEREAS, while TCR does not currently have plans to extend the project to cities outside of Dallas and Houston, this project does create the foundation for expansion into other cities and could negatively impact other landowners in the future; and

WHEREAS, the potential statewide implication of this unique project and set of factors warrants the involvement of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA); therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that TSCRA support legislative and regulatory efforts that limit the authority of highspeed passenger rail lines to use the power of eminent domain.

interim policy 4/7/15

Opposition From The State Capitol

The Dallas-Houston high-speed rail, proposed by Texas Central Railway, threatens to confiscate up to 3,000 acres of Texas land and won’t provide any opportunity for economic growth in our district. Without allowing input from local elected officials and hearing the voices of Montgomery County residents, I have no choice but to oppose this proposal as it stands.

Brandon Creighton

State Senator District 4, U.S. Senate

Let me begin by saying that I am adamantly opposed to this project in its entirety. I am not alone regarding my stance on this issue with over 800 people in attendance at this citizen driven meeting. I believe that the feelings of Montgomery County have been firmly established.

Within this process, there has been a severe lack of transparency. It frustrates me to know that TCR held public scoping meetings with very little notification and none of which were in Montgomery County. This is not acceptable.

Will Metcalf

State Representative District 16, U.S. House of Representatives

Opposition From The Counties

With eleven Texas counties affected by this current HSR project, all nine of the counties between the terminating stations have officially opposed this project by passing resolutions in their commissioners courts.


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