The day before Texas Central filed its sneak attack petitions before the Surface Transportation Board, we asked them to show us the 273-page “Feasibility Study” that their Japanese partner commissioned and paid for. It contains their ridership projections and ticket cost estimates, and other important data. This is the same study Texas Central has been hiding from the public since 2013, with the help of TxDOT and the Attorney General.

Of course, Texas Central never responded to our request. They claim the information is “trade secret” and “confidential,” which is their excuse for hiding everything. But then, the very next day, they claimed to the Board that 4 million passengers will ride the train each year by 2025.

So, we sent Texas Central another request yesterday, now that they have disclosed this information in public filings. You think they will respond to this request, or just keep sticking their head in the sand?

We want our members to continue spreading the word that Texas Central is NOT transparent, and that they are doing everything they can to hide information.

Here is the letter we sent to Texas Central:


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