PRESS RELEASE December 8, 2017


Ben Leman to resign as Grimes County Judge; remain TAHSR Chairman

Jewett, Texas – Texans Against High-Speed Rail (TAHSR) Chairman Ben Leman has been a champion for protecting taxpayer dollars and private property rights and, in his capacity as Grimes County Judge, county rights in a fight now entering its fourth year against the proposed Dallas Houston HSR.

While Leman will continue to serve as TAHSR Chairman, he will resign as Grimes County Judge today, December 8, 2017, and begin his candidacy to seek election to the Texas House of Representatives for the position soon to be vacated by Leighton Schubert representing District 13.

Kyle Workman, President of Texans Against High-Speed Rail, “On behalf of all Texans, we would like to express our gratitude to Representative Schubert for his tireless work and coordination with us and wish him the best.”

“We are also excited for Judge Leman as he begins this new chapter and know unequivocally that, if elected, he will continue the hard work started by Representative Leighton Schubert to represent Texas landowners who are being negatively impacted by this proposed HSR project.”

“Knowing Ben personally, the voters of District 13 should be eager to head to the polls and elect Ben as their next Representative. He is a man of character and wisdom and has a genuine motivation to serve his constituents,” Workman said.


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PRESS RELEASE December 8, 2017


Congressman Kevin Brady made official inquiry on behalf of constituents about illegal surveys and trespass

Jewett, Texas – On the eve of the intended publication date for the Dallas Houston HSR Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), Congressman Kevin Brady sounded the alarm with Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and Federal Railroad Administration Acting Administrator Heath Hall about the proposed HSR project citing constituent concerns of trespass and illegal survey. As of this morning, per an FRA official, the DEIS has been delayed yet again and will not be published today as previously intended.

Landowners shared personal accounts and photos with Brady indicating surveyors for the Dallas Houston HSR project had trespassed on their property, some including photos of agents illegally surveying. Brady also noted in his letter the concerns of Grimes County Judge Ben Leman who explained the permanent injunction against Texas Central Partners and their agents from surveying county property as a result of an illegal survey and damage to county property.

Kyle Workman, president of TAHSR, said, “This Draft EIS has been delayed an unprecedented amount of times so while we are not surprised it has been delayed again, we are appreciative that the FRA and the Department of Transportation are taking these concerns highlighted by Congressman Brady seriously. With this news brought to their attention, it will be difficult process of determining what information contained in the DEIS is based on legally obtained information and what is not. We hope there will be a thorough investigation into this matter. Providing illegally obtained information to the federal government to formulate a DEIS is a serious issue.”

“Congressman Brady has been a steadfast ally in representing the concerns of all Texans who will be negatively impacted by this proposed HSR project. His letter highlighting illegal activity on which the all-but-printed-DEIS is based is a strong show of his commitment to protecting private property rights and the integrity of our federal government,” Workman added.


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