PRESS RELEASE March 16, 2017


Jewett, Texas – Texans Against High-Speed Rail thanks Senator Schwertner, Representative Ashby and their budget committee members who took the responsible action of placing a rider in the state budget holding the promoter of the proposed Dallas Houston HSR to their word that no state funds or resources will be utilized on the monopolized Japanese high-speed rail. Not surprisingly, Texas Central (TCR) again opposes this common-sense protection on the use of state resources for an unauthorized project opposed by seven of the nine affected counties, calling it a “job killer.”

TCR’s specific objection to this rider, which establishes guidelines for TxDOT’s ability to engage in “planning” the high-speed rail, highlights the irresponsible nature of the project, which would create a 50-foot electrified barrier through East Texas utilizing technology that creates a Japanese monopoly for the only train capable of using the track.

Earlier this year, Federal authorities denied TCR’s petition to designate the project as an interstate railroad. TCR proclaimed there were no further regulatory issues for them to consider and the path forward was clear even though Texas abolished the authority for high-speed rail in Texas over twenty years ago, when it became clear that such a project was not feasible in the State. Then a Harris County district judge denied their petition to recognize TCR’s right to take private property from Texans. Now TCR hopes to use the power of Japan to move forward without any regulation, but with the planning capabilities of TxDOT. Texans are fortunate to have strong legislative leadership who is standing up and saying ‘no’ to State support for an unregulated Japanese monopoly.

Kyle Workman, president of Texans Against High-Speed Rail, said, “This is yet another example of Texas Central crying wolf. At every turn, in the court room or before the legislature, they contend that their project will be in jeopardy if not allowed to proceed without any accountability to their claims. Despite their long-held promises of not needing any state dollars, Texas Central continues to oppose all efforts to codify that commitment. This rider has nothing to do with killing jobs, but rather, protecting our State and holding Texas Central to their commitment of needing zero state dollars.”



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