Because eminent domain is typically a last resort, and this project is far from the point of being approved to acquire property through eminent domain, the TAHSR Land Defense Fund was created to offer landowners a collective effort to protect their lands and ecologically sensitive natural resources and wildlife from being harmed long before eminent domain is necessary. This should ease the burden from landowners to retain individual counsel at this point. TAHSR Land Defense Fund is a Texas nonprofit corporation, which is applying for tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code to be effective for 2016; if the IRS grants the exemption, donations to the fund may be tax deductible.


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Texans Against High Speed Rail, Inc.

We are a 501c(4) (application pending) organization formed in early 2015 as a coordinated state-wide effort to protect property, property rights and values, and our way of life from the negative impacts of high-speed rail, as well as prevent the wasteful use of taxpayer dollars or public subsidies for high-speed rail transportation.

As individual Texans, we may not feel that we have the means or reach to coordinate a state-wide grassroots effort, engage lobbyists or attorneys, or push back against a $10 billion project, but by being a part of a unified group, Texans Against High-Speed Rail, you can help stop high-speed rail in Texas. The volunteer staff of Texans Against High-Speed Rail are all impacted by this current high-speed rail project, so you can be assured that we have only altruistic motivation to help preserve our property AND yours, as well as protect us all from the effects of inevitable tax subsidies.

Our supporters include residents, private property owners, business owners and elected officials from all across Texas who share our core belief of combating eminent domain for private use and our opposition to any tax-subsidized passenger railway.

Your opposition phone calls, letters and emails are an important element in opposing this current high-speed rail project, but we also need your financial support to operate a coordinated, state-wide opposition plan. Please consider donating today to help the fight.

Together we are stronger, louder and can do more to make sure our way of life is protected.

Connect With Us

We consider our social media channels as a life line to you, our supporters. We use it to get out current and factual information to the public and opposition supporter, updates to the masses about our progress, but mostly to request urgent calls to action detailing ways you can support our efforts in real-time.

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We realize social media is not always the most effective way to get urgent information and calls to action out. During the last legislative session, we efficiently used email campaigns to urge supporters in contacting legislators about their concerns and support. Please consider joining our mailing list.

Do You Have Questions?

We know you have questions … questions about the high-speed rail project, about the routes, about who we are, about what we are doing to help you, about what you can do to help us. We encourage you to explore our website, starting with The 4 P’s. Consider hosting an opposition meeting to find out more!

Join The Fight! Donate Today!

Your donations are critical to our efforts. While our core team consists of unpaid volunteers, we must hire lobbyists, attorneys, and other experts to compete with the opposition’s $10 Billion budget. We are also affected landowners and are committed to winning this battle by leveraging every possible strategy available.

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